Vida Guerra Biography And Career Development

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Vida Guerra is one of the most famous Cuban models in the world. Her sexy pictorials have transformed her into a very well-known figure for the male magazines and for different appearances. The model was born on March 19, 1974, in Havana, Cuba. She later on moved to New Jersey with her family, when Vida Guerra was only 6 years old. As time went by, Vida Guerra started to enter the entertainment field through the help of various instances. She developed a modeling and dancing career and performed on numerous stages and in some local competitions. At the age of 18, she made her first sexy appearance at a fashion show, in Perth Amboy. That was the moment in which many people took notice of her great looking physique, as she modeled extremely sensual underwear garments.

Because she had such an amazing body, most of her friends tried to convince Vida Guerra that she had to send pictures of her self to male magazines. The model finally decided to try out this suggestion and sent some sexy materials to the FHM magazine. The first pictorial of Vida Guerra for the magazine came up in December, 2002. Her great looking figure was also taken into account in the music industry. The first major video role that Vida Guerra received was in Big Pun’s video for New York to New Orleans. The video which finally made her famous was Shake Ya Tailfeather. During this music video, Vida Guerra danced around with P. Diddy and Nelly, showing off her great curves and skilled moves. From this point on, even more industry majors took notice of the model and what she could do for their productions. As a result, Vida Guerra started to appear more and more on television productions, music videos and in male magazine pictorials.

With an exotic beauty and voluptuous curves, Vida Guerra managed to conquer all the industries that centred on male interests and passions. She is nowadays one of the most famous female figures to appear in men magazines, television programs and sexy music videos.

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Vida Guerra And Her Acting Career

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Vida Guerra is a famous glamor model, actress and fitness model. Her numerous apparitions in all sorts of magazines and productions have made Vida Guerra famous all over the world. Over the years, since the beginning of her career, she has entered numerous domains of the entertainment industry, becoming a very important figure. Vida Guerra should be noted as a representative icon for her sexy physique and natural beauty. In terms of her acting career, Vida Guerra gained numerous roles after she was featured in FHM. The main characters she has played have been perfectly suitable for her. Normally, she is depicted as a vixen or a so-called sex-bomb, who takes control over any man she wants.

As an actress, Vida Guerra has played several parts, since 2003. All the apparitions she has made have been on films and televised productions. She started out with short productions, television series and videos. Some of the shows she was on are: Writer’s Block, Chappelle’s Show, Fake Preacher, Hacienda Heights, Eastbound and Down and so on. The contribution of sex-appeal she usually brings was recognized in the voicing of the “Femme Fatale” character, in the video game Scarface: The World Is Yours. Vida Guerra also made numerous apparitions in television productions and videos as herself. She must be noted as an up and coming actress and television personality. Most producers and directors love to feature her in their shows as she is the perfect image for the sensual and voluptuous woman, who is also fearless and independent. 

Catching all eyes, of men and women at the same time, Vida Guerra is an amazing person to watch. She has evolved greatly since she was first introduced in the entertainment business, spreading her image in all the available domains. As one of the most famous personalities in fitness and glamor modeling, Vida Guerra impresses with her amazingly sexy looks. Due to her vixen image, she has gain many roles and participations in various productions and shows. We could say that her career in this domain is only beginning, as her fans await to see her more.

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