Beautiful And Sexy Vida Guerra

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Vida Guerra, is a Cuban-American born model who became famous due to her appearance in the FHM magazine in 2002, but then was only the beginning, as she appeared in many other men magazines. Vida Guerra was born in Cuba, but she moved to The United States Of America in New Jersey. In time, Vida Guerra participated in many swim wear contests and she also appeared in many music videos that increased her fame in many parts of the world. After the photos with her published in FHM Magazine,the men who read the magazine, required more photos with her, so FHM named her, later, in 2004, the “FHM’s Model of the Year”.

Vida Guerra appeared in a lot of music video from singers as Kanye West, R. Kelly, Nelly featuring P. Diddy, Frankie J. featuring Baby Bash. The model was the voice in video game “Scarface” named “The World Is Yours”. An incident happened when her camera phone was stolen and after this many pictures with her were published on the Internet. She said that those were not hers, but finally it was proved that she was in those photos. Plus, she was accused that she did this for publicity and that it was no inccident. Later, in 2005, Vida Guerra was the 26 number among “F.H.M’s Top 100 Sexiest Females” and she was also received on behalf of the same magazine twice the “Best Butt Award”. In 2006, she appeared naked in Playboy magazine and she had calendars with her and DVDs with behind scenes moments. Vida Guerra said that she wanted to appear on Playboy to prove to her fans that she was not the person who appeared naked in the pictures when the above mentioned incident happened.

In 2006, her career expanded as she released her first album named “You Got Me”. More, he is the host of the show “Livin’ The Low Life”. Vida Guerra is a backer of a vegetarian life, saying that this is great for her health and skin and she feels very good and has a lot of energy. As well as other women who appeared in men magazine, Vida Guerra began to work in television, to have her own show and to become a singer, too. However, it is interesting her evolution. She has an exotic beauty and a great body that make all men mad about her every time they see her.

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Vida Guerra in Bed with Ted

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Fitness Model Vida Guerra returned to her modeling roots last summer, with the help of fellow glamour model Nikki Giavasis. The two hotties joined the teddy bear in bed for a Ted movie themes photo shoot. The shoot took place in New York City and the photographer was Frank Antonio.


Not only is Ted the star of a Seth MacFarlance created and box-office winner movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis, but he also gets the ‘chance’ to lay in bed with two smoking hot bodies belonging to Vida Guerra and Nikki Giavasis.


Lucky Ted! He got to enjoy a fun shoot with these bombshells in bed in the city that never sleeps. The teddy must surely be envied by every single guy in this world, as well as the photographer, who was the only witness to this ‘phenomenon’.


Although some might say that Vida doesn’t look as thin as she did when she was training, the video below is proof that she is in great shape and can drive any man crazy with her curvaceous bootylicious figure.

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Vida Guerra in Music Videos

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A lot of men out there don’t want a girl who’s all skinny; they want a voluptuous woman. My curves–particularly my butt–are what I get complimented on the most“, Cuban hottie Vida Guerra said once. Her curvy figure is also what got her featured in numerous music videos by international celebrities such as Nelly and Kanye West. Her famous bootylicious feature needs no introduction. And that Cuban face perfectly complements her figure.

Vida Guerra’s first taste of fame came after successfully auditioning for a Big Pun video called From New York to New Orleans, in which she appeared next to the now deceased rapper and grooved to the beat throughout the song. Even though the song did not attention from TV music stations, Vida Guerra’s body surely caught the eye.

After this slight exposure, Vida Guerra returned to her normal life and took a job as a loans officer. However, she kept in sight any modeling opportunity that came her way. After browsing through an FHM magazine issue, her friends suggested she send in pictures of herself. FHM approached her right after receiving the pictures and Vida Guerra was featured in a following issue. Overwhelmed with letters from fans demanding more pictures of the New Jersey babe, FHM called her in for another feature.

The following year, Vida Guerra shook her booty in P. Diddy, Nelly and Murphy Lee’s video for Shake Ya Tailfeather, which was a huge hit in the summer of 2003. Also in 2003, Vida was honored by FHM with the Rear of the Year award.

In 2004, she appeared in Kanye West’s video for The New Workout Plan. Another notable video she was cast in is Obsession (No Es Amor) by Frankie J featuring Baby Bash. You can watch the videos below.

Since then,Vida Guerra appeared in numerous magazines and has starred in several commercials. She also made appearances in TV series and shows such as Chappelle’s Show. However, she remains best known for her sexy voluptuous figure.

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Train With Vida Guerra

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Although Vida Guerra is approaching her 40′s she struggles to maintain her perfect figure and she actually makes it pretty well. When it comes about exercising, Vida Guerra doesn’t hold back from anything and she proves she is very passionate about what she’s doing. The beautiful Cuban model appeared in 2011 in this video in which she is seen preparing for the Las Vegas Superstar Challenge. And because she wanted to make a great impression, Vida Guerra worked a lot in the gym before the event and advised her fans to do the same while offering detailed explanations about all the exercises she made. Even if in the same period in which she was training for the competition she had serious family problems, with her mother and nephew being hospitalized due to health issues, Vida Guerra showed she is a fighter. She remained dedicated to achieving her goal, as her mother and nephew advised her to do.

If you want to obtain such a beautiful and curvaceous body as Vida Guerra has, you need to follow her advice. Create a daily routine, go to the gym and eat healthy and you will begin to see results in just a few weeks after starting such a regime. 

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Vida Guerra To Support PETA Campaign

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Vida Guerra is one the newest members of PETA’s campaigns. The star has actually joined quite a select group of celebrities who agreed to get naked for the organization’s famous anti-fur campaigns. The list includes names such as Alicia Silverstone and Khloe Kardashian.


Vida Guerra has actually posed naked to promote vegetarianism. The star claimed that she is has not always been a vegan herself, although she has adopted such a lifestyle for many years now. “I was born in Cuba, where there are only pigs and chickens to eat,” the star declared in an interview for PETA. However, the famous model said that she really hops she will be able to convince other people of the benefits of holding a vegan diet, adding that her own vegan lifestyle is the main reason why she is in such an incredible body shape. Through her photos, the star just wanted to let everyone know how her body really looks.

The star explains everything in a video interview released by PETA.

“Being vegan offers so many more benefits, including the reduction of cholesterol and heart disease,” Vida shared. The star also claimed that she just challenges people to try such a type of diet for around 30 days. After that they should evaluate the way they are feeling and there is no way they will not be healthier more energetic and able to sleep much better.

In the photos, Vida Guerra poses completely nude in dozens of red chili peppers.The photos were shoot by celebrity photographer Nick Saglimbeni.


According to the star, she decided to make the nude photo shoot as a donation for PETA in honor of her birthday. The star was born in March 19, 1974.


Vida Guerra is a Cuban-born model and actress, who has became really famous due to her many magazine appearances. The star has always been an outspoken vegetarian, during this campaign Vida actually showing her concern on the increased number of people diagnosed with health issues caused by unhealthy lifestyle. According to the star, when adopting a vegan way of life, you can simply become healthier and look much better. Vida said that she really feels healthier thanks to her diet, which helps her stay in shape and have a beautiful skin.

Vida Guerra was born in Havana, Cuba. The star made her first notable modeling appearance in 2002, when she posed for FHM. Throughout her long running career in modeling, the star has worked for many swim wear brands, appearing in music videos, as well.

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The Talented Vida Guerra

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Vida Guerra is a very beautiful and talented American model and there is no wonder that she managed to become famous and appreciated by people from all over the world. Vida Guerra never based her career only on her looks, although she is extremely beautiful and really unique, but she has also worked really hard to get where she is today. The most important moment in Vida Guerra’s career came in 2002, when the model posed for the December issue of FHM magazine.

Her sexy pictorials have transformed her into a very well-known figure for the male magazines and for different appearances. The model was born on March 19, 1974, in Havana, Cuba. She later on moved to New Jersey with her family, when Vida Guerra was only 6 years old. As time went by, Vida Guerra started to enter the entertainment field through the help of various instances. She developed a modeling and dancing career and performed on numerous stages and in some local competitions. At the age of 18, she made her first sexy appearance at a fashion show, in Perth Amboy. That was the moment in which many people took notice of her great looking physique, as she modeled extremely sensual underwear garments.

In 2005, many nude photos were posted on the Internet after her camera phone was stolen. Although Vida Guerra said that the pictures were of a different woman, the manager of her record label declared that were hers. Later, Vida Guerra was awarded twice with the “Best Butt Award” and in 2006 she posed nude for Playboy magazine. Her argument for this decision was that she tried to show people how she really looks like and to prove that the photos on the Internet were not hers. Vida Guerra also wanted a musical career and her debut album was You Got Me, which was launched in 2006. She is a vegetarian and claims that this is very healthy for her and her skin looks much better than before.

Catching all eyes, of men and women at the same time, Vida Guerra is an amazing person to watch. She has evolved greatly since she was first introduced in the entertainment business, spreading her image in all the available domains. As one of the most famous personalities in fitness and glamor modeling, Vida Guerra impresses with her amazingly sexy looks. Due to her vixen image, she has gain many roles and participations in various productions and shows. We could say that her career in this domain is only beginning, as her fans await to see her more.

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Leaked Pictures Of Vida Guerra

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Vida Guerra is simply one of those personalities who live through their looks. For her, the career she managed to gain in the world of modeling has been based on the fact that her generous curves made her perfect for glamor modeling and for posing in male magazines. Through these installments, she became very famous around the world, especially among men. Guerra is one of the types of celebrities who are generous with their fans, in the sense that they also give fans a part of their life, which usually happens through the help of the social networks. Therefore, Guerra usually posts pictures of herself in various sexy outfits, which are surely pleasing to the massive fan base she has. 

Although she always posts sexy pictures of herself in lingerie, swimsuits or in sexy outfits, Guerra has been more sought after in the past few months due to the fact that pictures of various parts of her body, completely naked, have surfaced online. Although she already had been in a variety of ways for male magazines and has showed off pretty much all of her body, the actual nudity of the body was usually implied and if it was visible it was done in a more decent type of way. Through the pictures that came up online now, it is easy to see that these were not taken by her and most importantly that they were not taken for the whole world to see. This is visible in the fact that they are camera phone photos, which have a poor quality, and which are visible in the idea that she was not trying to pose for anything. 

After the surface of the images of Vida Guerra online, many people started to speculate on the matter, while her fans enjoyed even more of her beautiful and sexy nudity. Some of the first answers that came to mind were the usual ones: an ex-boyfriend or Guerra herself. An upset ex-boyfriend may have done that in order to get back at her for leaving him for example. On the other hand, this may also have been a strategy of Vida Guerra and of the people working for her, in order to gain more of the public`s attention on her life and on her career ventures, which have somewhat lowered in number recently. Therefore, the question still is out there on the way in which these pictures came up online. 

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Cuban Hottie Vida Guerra Strips for the PETA Campaign

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The world of glamour modeling is overloaded with skinny girls, who look like they did not eat in weeks. This is why curvy and voluptuous models have become so popular. One of the most renowned glamour models in the world is Vida Guerra. She was born on march 19, 1974, in Havana, Cuba. She rose to prominence due to her numerous appearances in men’s magazines such as FHM. Most magazines ranked her as one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in the world, which led the PETA organization to choose her for their 2011 ad campaign. She could not have been a better choice, since Vida looks amazingly hot in the nude pictorial meant to support animals.

PETA, which stands for People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, is renowned for their controversial ad campaigns. Most of the time, their ads feature sexy celebrities who strip for a noble cause. Some of the stars that have appeared in the PETA campaigns include Alicia Silverstone, Amanda Beard, Alyssa Milano, Amar, Angela Simmons, Anna Nicole Smith, Charlotte Ross, Charlize Theron, Christina Applegate, Kelly Osbourne, Pamela Anderson, Penelope Cruz, Vanessa Carlton, and many others. The campaign featuring Vida is definitely one of the hottest ones so far and it will surely make your jar drop. After all, Vida looks amazing and could turn heads no matter where she goes. She has one of the best bodies in Hollywood, and her face is not to be ignored, either. Some people say that her bottom is even hotter than Jennifer Lopez’s. Not only is Vida a great choice for the PETA campaign because of has killer looks, but also because her lifestyle is to be admired.

She repeatedly stated that she is a vegetarian. She also said that this lifestyle choice makes her feel really healthy and that it works on so many different levels, including the condition of her skin. Vegetarianism seems to work wonders for her, since 38-year-old Vida Guerra looks better than ever! In the sizzling-hot ad campaign, Vida bares it all and showcases her amazing body wearing only a bouquet of spicy red peppers. Spicy, just like her. This Cuban hottie should be a role model for many of the Hollywood models and actresses, because she promotes a healthy lifestyle that does not involve starving, nor eating meat. PETA has always gained major attention with their ad campaigns, and the one starring Vida Guerra will definitely be a fuss.

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Sensual Glamor Model Vida Guerra And Her Looks

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Vida Guerra is a famous glamor model of our times. The contributions brought by the Cuban beauty to the entertainment industry have featured male magazine appearances, films, television productions, modeling contracts of all kinds and so on. By now, her career has taken a big plunge into the group of all the other sexy models, but has managed to make an even bigger stir due to her scandalous curves and beautiful face. Her national exposure was initiated in 2002, in the number of FHM, in which she posed for the lingerie spread. The impact of the first shooting with the model made her immediately famous among male magazine fans and publishers as well. Due to the fact that the subscribers wanted more, the young model managed to start an amazing career with one of the most reputed male magazines in the world.
In 2004, she became the FHM Model of the Year, as the requests for her pictures were more and more numerous. Through this encounter with the magazine, the young model managed to start an amazing career. After FHM initiated her and introduced her into the world of glamor and lingerie modeling, she seemed to start a row of public appearances, features in various productions, articles and photo spreads in magazines. She went from cover girl to spread girl several times in the following magazines: DUB, Smooth, Escape, Open Your Eyes and so on. In 2005, the model came in the 26th place in the FHM Top 100 Sexiest Females. She also won the Best Butt Award from the same magazine twice.

Finally, in 2006, Vida Guerra made the most out of her sensuality and out of her sexiness and came out completely nude in the July issue of Playboy. This action was a sort of response to a camera phone incident, in which someone spread naked pictures of her, which she claims were fake. Through the Playboy spread, the model wanted to show everyone what she really looked like naked, according to her sayings. Through all these events, Vida Guerra managed to make a great name for herself in the world of the entertainment industry in general and in that of the male products in particular. The male magazines have created her status of one of the most sensual and beautiful women in the world, that has shown these talents to the world in the sexiest and scandalous ways.

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Vida Guerra Sensual Look

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Vida Guerra is a famous model, born on March 19, 1974, Havana, Cuba. Later, Vida Guerra moved to New Jersey and that was the best thing that she could do as here she had the chance to start her career. Vida Guerra beauty was impressive and her body was also amazing, so she began to participate in many beauty contests. She also continued with appearing in many music videos for her sexy look. Additionally, Vida Guerra was also a dancer, striving to get into the entertainment world and she finally succeeded it. In 2002 she appeared in FHM magazine and two years later, Vida Guerra she was voted the FHM’s Model of the Year. What followed were other amazing photos in several magazines such as Smooth, DUB, Open Your Eyes and Escape.

Vida Guerra was involved in a scandal that happened to so many celebrities: her mobile phone was stolen and many nude pictures with here were released on the Internet. When asked which is her secret to stay in shape and look so great, Vida Guerra declared that she is a vegetarian and that she always tries to follow a healthy diet. Vida Guerra appeared in many other productions such as Going Down There, Chappelle’s Show, Sardines, Hacienda Heights, Eastbound & Down and many others.

This beautiful woman is popular also for her attitude and relaxation in the front of the camera, but she claimed that is a learning process which is not so easy. The amazing and sensual pictorials made her famous all over the world and her exotic look is great. Although Vida Guerra is vegetarian, she still has a curvy body, this being one of the reasons why she appeared in many TV productions, shows and music videos. The characters she had are very suitable for her: she is presented as a sex bomb and very sensual woman. Vida Guerra has that vixen charm and  great body that makes her incredible and men are crazy about her. Her international popularity has grown very much and now she still continues to have a wonderful career.

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Vida Guerra Musical Career

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Vida Guerra is a wonderful model, popular all over the world. She  was born on March 19, 1974, Havana and her exotic look is impressive. Although was born in Cuba, Vida Guerra moved in New Jersey. As Vida Guerra was very beautiful, she participated in many beauty contests, fashion shows, as well as modelling swim wear contests. Later, the beauty and great body of Vida Guerra was more and more appreciated, so she appeared in several music videos. This beautiful woman was also a dancer and strived to get into the entertainment world. In 2002 took place her major success. Vida Guerra appeared in FHM men magazine and the photos were very successful. In 2004, she became the FHM‘s Model of the Year. She also appeared in other magazines such as Escape, Open Your Eyes, Smooth, DUB.

This was the proof that her fame was increasing and she was getting more and more popular. After FHM edition from 2002, was published, lots of mails were sent to ask more photos with her. Vida Guerra was also successful in Spain and appeared in many TV shows and programs, but also in music videos of Kanye West, Baby Bash, P. Diddy, Nelly, Murphy Lee and many others.  She lent her voice to video games.

In 2005, many nude photos were posted on the Internet after her camera phone was stolen. Although Vida Guerra said that the pictures were of a different woman, the manager of her record label declared that were hers. Later, Vida Guerra was awarded twice with the “Best Butt Award” and in 2006 she posed nude for Playboy magazine. Her argument for this decision was that she tried to show people how she really looks like and to prove that the photos on the Internet were not hers. Vida Guerra also wanted a musical career and her debut album was You Got Me, which was launched in 2006. She is a vegetarian and claims that this is very healthy for her and her skin looks much better than before.

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